Love Headphones...

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This are my new pair of headphones. My new baby.

And this bonus earphone I bought

I believe headphones make the music more enjoyable and the certain style behind them are pretty cool. I like these I see today because they pay respects to the past but then again, the make the music more enjoyable to hear. Skullcandy is a good brand I will say. Bose too.

The ever popular and awesome bEATS by DRE

Bose noise cancel

And other various ones
Hello Floral!

Old School

The rasta, which is my next acquistion

I just love headphones in general. Instead of collecting stamps, Ill collect headphones.

~Kaye Beeh Xoxo.


  1. love your new pair of headphones!

  2. love the pair you bought, they look great :)

  3. They're all so cool, but I'm definitely crushing on the headphones designed by Miss Lady GaGa, they just look amazing!

  4. i have beats headphone
    they are amazing :)
    great post!

  5. ♥nice post.)) love your blog♥

  6. haha cool collection idea. I shared bose noise canceling headphones with the bf but I always forgot to turn them off so he went ahead and got me my own pair from "eskuche" (in gold)... I like them but I'm no expert in judging headsets :-)

    Fashion Nostalgia

  7. my sister has the beat by dre, and they are so great especially when working out

  8. I'm an old school girl myself. Love the blend though. Thanks for sharing the photos and drop by me too, soon.



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