Ultimate Love: The transition and coolness

So this is one of my favorite sets, I made yesterday, Ill update you guys with more of them, but this one is perfect for now. Its not exactly warm summer yet. So put on that leather sleeve trench, the one I love so much from Burberry, its their Spring 2011 collection ad collectum piece. Then put on a pair of jeans with a little metallic element to them. In this case, these are by Acne. Then a pair of Dr Martens Floral boots goes a long way. hooray! Then I love this Alice in Wonderland hat by Lids. They make cool hats. You could go fitted cap or floppy hat, in my case I would do fitted here. Then the top, a simple colorblock of black and gray-white. Its really fun and yet style-forward for me. I think I will obtain all of these pieces within the upcoming year. just wait. :)

The Furies short sleeve tee
56 GBP - farfetch.com

Acne jeans
154 EUR - my-wardrobe.com

Dr Martens dr martens boot
$130 - infinityshoes.com



  1. wow that coat, i love it and i want it, what a fabulous trench and absolute must have

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Love that Burberry trench!

  3. those floral DM's are pretty sweet!

  4. i love the black white Tee(L)
    amazing !

    would love tohave that piece

    i have a new post,maybe you can take a look!

    everyday a new post

    xxx mirjam

  5. lovely post!

    ps. I would like to invite you to the first giveaway on my blog.


  6. Can I just say- that as a music lover. I love the music on your blog. You have great taste.

    xx THE CHEAP



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