A week's worth.

Can you imagine all of this happening in one week? Well it did for me. First all of all. First are some picture I took with my new princess-esque layered dress from H&M. Its from their new Conscious Collection. Steps to a better environment and being material friendly. All clothing in the collection are white. Interesting enough, the mens and womens parts to it are both beautiful and relaxed. Definitely nice pieces not over done. Reminds me of the Garden Collection and Organic Collection when those came out.

Love love love the detail on the shoulder. Usually Im not a sucker for white or bright colors much, but lately i have been liking it.

It can also do that too! :D

Yeah, there was a Knicks game on this past Sunday so I had to rep my jersey tee!

New hat from Flea Market. Necklace: Hello Kitty

CUTE! Took it from Today Show!
Another cute bunny

Laura and I chilled on Friday. God I love her hat and curly natural hair she has going on now.

Me: Hey we are taking a photo! :O!!
Laura: Time to hide!

Juicy Couture Sparkler knee highs. I got these from the mall.

Also these Givenchy Ballerina stripe knee-highs. Love them. Reminds me of the Chanel collection from 2 or 3 seasons ago.

LOL A Charlie Sheen-esque shirt!

Cutie bunny in person. We decided to take a photo with him this weekend coming up.

Haha cute right! When we came downstairs we walked up to the gate and started to play high fives and misses with the Bunny. The dude in the bunny suit I still wonder who he is. I wanted a hug either way.

New shades.

The fountain finally springs. At my school, the chill spot.

This dude going to class wearing this. God, I see him everyday. :) I love it.

Food from Energy Kitchen. :) Healthy and I love this place for food. Check it out guys. About 7-8 locations here in NYC.

Love this woman's flared and trench coat combo. This was on 5th and 22 street.

The guy in the white sneakers with his head in front of the red sign. <--- Love at first sight. lol. I dont know what im saying. I see him every Monday on the train but I cant say anything to him. Gosh. Hopeless. But I love his sneakers everyday.

Isnt he fab?

Oh boy. Laddyyy in the reeeeddd.

Move over Alexander Wang Spring 2011. Im ready for the trend.

Alcohol fre wines. I love them. No alcohol and same great taste!

Haha real or not real santa?

Pee-wee Herman moment when I went to Nordstrom Rack.

Favorite shoes ive tried on. Tory Burch clog like bottom studded boots. Very easy to walk in and comfortable. I have them on hold, oh lord.

Vera Wang.

New Blast from Past bracelet. Got from ebay seller.
Uses lego! :)


How you doooin?

Bought this purple strand for 2 dollars. Why not test?

Favorite glasses with the flower on bottom corner. I had to tape it because it snapped off;

KNICKS SEASON! I got my two tees. Stoudemire and Anthony. STAT AND MELO. MELO AND STAT!
But then.....last Monday.

In this class, girl had the nerve to leave to go to the bathroom and leave her bright ass Apple laptop on shining in my face while Im trying to sleep. 3 hr class btw. LOL

That's all. (Miranda Priestly voice)

~Kaye Beeh


  1. wow what a week. Funny pairing the H7M dress with the Jersey. I always wondered if the food in Energy Kitchen was any good. I'll try it now :-)


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