The Fantasy of Sophie Elgort

Recently, well actually I got tickets to go to a Sophie Elgort hosted photo event party, but could not go. I recently found to love her ideals of photography and how she manages her own style and elements to taking photos. The way she grasps the task and focuses on the individual.

She does portraits, fashion, lifestyle, and mens photography.

All of the elements are extremely amazing. You can check her website , her amazing work and blog. I know I always check for new things at least once a week or once every two weeks as updated.

She is based here in NYC and I have been to the Aliomi launch event recently she is affiliated with. I hope to get the absolute privilege to meet with her for a possible interview or take a shot with her.

For now,

~Kaye Beeh

(P.S. - when you look on her site, check out under men's photography, the photo of the man doing a handstand and the other one with a dancer elegance pose..they are amazing!!)

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