Crystal Renn & Baptiste Giabiconi graces Chanel Soho-reopening Ad 2010

Doesn't he just beckon her to come back to bed with him? :O Does she or not? Her feelings of uncertainty make her want to wrap herself in a fluffy overcoat(?) and feel better. Hmm, doesnt clothing make us all feel better sometimes?

I gotta admit I am proud of Baptiste Giabiconi when he first hit the scene back in 2008, I was captivated by his lips and hair, they really draw you in. He has been Goody Karl Lagerfeld's muse for about 2 years now. He seriously has a good thing going and not only does he bring presence to ad campaigns but also on the runway, you think, dang I would love to see him come back next season and present more clothing.

I am also proud of Crystal Renn because this was definitely her year, I mean back to back bookings and campaigns, not to mention runway appearances. Also she proves that her image is to her liking and she is comfortable with who she is.

Many people may say the ad is boring, but it evokes this burning emotion in the pit of your stomach that wants to be unleashed but does not know how. It relates with the Chanel Soho store opening with feelings of anxiety (in a good way), which I have had the pleasure of visiting many times, lovely sales personnel and customer service.

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