Sonia Rykiel Spring 2010 Flashback circa 90s

When I was watching over the Spring 2010 collections over on Video Fashion Daily I noticed that her shows remind of the uniqueness and non-conformity that was of the 90s to the early 2001. Each model had her own sacheez, her own walk (hence The Naomi Campbell three time turn), and sometimes two or three girls walked together to the end of the catwalk and or walked back down. I believe those were the glory days and it put a smile to my face when I saw the Sonia Rykiel show look just like the runways of back then (with the exception of some models with a little curvature back then). The way the models danced down the runway to music was adorable like they were at a party and no serious face was to be seen, at times there were but they burst out into smiles and laughter! It was very high energy and i loved one piece that stood out especially which was the clear material coat.

I can not wait for the next show.

New Sonia Rykiel news is her collection for H&M now has a lookbook with PRICES! Say Thanks and God Bless You to THE CUT at NY Magazine
Enjoy the lookbook, I know I have

~Kaye Bee

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