Foray Inspiration with Japanese Magazines

I have been a major fan of anime since I could run as a child and loved Sailor Moon and the whole bit. But I have always gone in depth more into the culture and I truly love the Japanese Way. Aside from the perverted norm such as sexy goods in vending machines but I digress.

I love Japanese Dramas those of which include Hana Yori Dango, Proposal Daisakusen, Code Blue, Teioh, and some Taiga dramas that are GRAND.

I starting from two years ago have really looked into fashion magazines such as Non-no, nadesico, oggi, vogue nippon, can-can, and zipper. Most of my inspiration comes from there as well as a mix from recent shows, sculptured looks, Dries Van Notten, Chanel, and describing words.

Like I can say I want to look elegant and I will dress to the fullest sophistication but with my own twist and style to it. If I want funky, ill make it funky but with my own flair. Though some may say gorgeous other will say fashion-faux. I do not care, its me, by me, for me, and nurtured by me; so I can share with other readers and bloggers the love of fashion and how everyone can interpret it into their own way.

Mix-cordi Mix-Cordi, do not be afraid.

If you would like to get some awesome magazines and are in the NYC area and surrounding Long Island and boroughs you can order online at or go to Asahiya Bookstore and Kinnokuniya Bookstore and with their awesome interiors get lovely magazines and more photobooks of landscapes and arts if you so please!

Enjoy everyone~

~Kaye Beeh

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