NYFW Day 4 -----Young Folks and Older Folks streaming and running and taxis.

Sorry I have not been able to find my cord yet but I will definitely put up the photos before the end of Fashion Week! Today was such a world-wind. The shows I wanted to go to, I never got the chance again and decided to stay in warmth to watch live streams & watch fashion tweeters get it on over Twitter about Fashion Week and then go to Custo Barcelona~

It was a little chilly but a scarf, nice cozy socks and angled boots could help shield. Today's outfit was a casual number.... A grayish menswear pants from H&M, Lace Crochet Top pinafore lay-land stripes, Libertine beige bolero with black lace embroidery detailing with Lace up English Style Boots.

The shows that went on today were: Lela Rose, Luca Luca, Malandrino, DKNY, Rebecca Taylor, Calvin Klein Men's Collection, Herve Leger, Diane Von Furstenberg, Y-3, Tony Cohen, Custo Barcelona, Vassilios Kostetsos, Alice Ritter, Araks, Behnaz Sarafpour, Betsey Johnson, Binetti, Commonwealth, Erin Fetherston, Lorick, Philosophy Di Alberta Ferretti, Moncler Grenoble, Prova, Rachel Roy, Simon Spurr, Victoria Beckham and Thakoon.

You guys know what comes next by now ;) Commentary on select shows! Yay :D

The shows on the cutting board this time are: Luca Luca, Philosophy, Rebecca Taylor, Behnaz Sarafpour, DKNY, Malandrino, Custo Barcelona, Herve Leger, DVF, Victoria Beckham Dresses and Lela Rose.

Luca Luca Fall 2010 RTW = Just leave it to Luca Luca to bring their feminine chic pieces for the modern woman. Lovely earth tones, fur, lovely tailoring, leathers, and prints were seen at Luca Luca and the outfit that stood out most was the gold glitter slit chest dress. I thought it was beautifully made and cocktail chic :)

Philosophy Di Alberta Ferretti Fall 2010 RTW = Nice black long flowy pieces. I loved the first look the Victorian style sleeveless black dress! Gorgeous! Nice leathers and blacks. Lovely belted blazers and trenches. Good use of layering. Grey and browns with an occasional sea green or peach. For the strong yet feminine chic girl.

Rebecca Taylor Fall 2010 RTW = Love the prints and short skirts. Lovely use of blacks and browns alike with occasional grays and lightish blue hues. Very casual chic with a few architectural elements. I love the layering and occasional suede and leather. Just plain gorgeous and tres tres magnifique!

Behnaz Sarafpour Fall 2010 RTW = Wow, the last time I heard from Behnaz was from 2 years ago. I can not believe I have not followed up on her for a while. Well anyways, her collection was alright. It was not that stunning to me but some looks were cohesive. I loved the Parisian influence with beiges, and blacks. Nice printed pieces but it was not that "WOW" for me.

Malandrino Fall 2010 RTW = It was gorgeous and edgy! Furs, leathers, suedes, lovely print work, black and blue hues. Loved the asymmetrical and layering looks. I felt a little Avatar influence with the hair style and the draping and loose look of the clothing. All in all, I loved it!~

DKNY Fall 2010 RTW = I loved the bold lines and symmetric lines! The browns and earth tone colors. The vest with flouncy swish skirts. A english country feel to it with a city vibe! The collection had everything for every type of girl! There were plaids and polished looks. Loved the belted blazers and dresses. The various coats of every size and length and texture really made me want to take it off the model and wear it home! :D Im truly happy on this collection of DKNY it really appealed to me this A/W season! Im still on the verge of pre-order!

Diane Von Furstenberg Fall 2010 RTW = Femininity was BACK! The runway was shiny and I was so happy I almost cried! One of the best collections I have seen all day! I loved the hues and fabrics used! The lightly printed dresses and skirts to die for! The flouncy skirts, grey and all I loved them! The outfit I loved was the huge Russian fur hat with leather blazer colorful watercolor tee and leather(?) pants or leggings? Idk but it is gorgeous and just my style! The watercolor and colorful pieces and the TRUE DVF girl shows right then dressing for the Fall and Winter Season! Im tempted to pre-order!~

Herve Leger Fall 2010 RTW = This time Max Azria did a wonderful job unlike the BCBG boredom. This time was not the usual bondage dresses, I mean okay all and most of the looks were bondage dresses but embroidery were involved! The back details on the dresses were stunning! The colors were gorgeous and just right for the season! This man truly knows a woman's curve. The definite cocktail dress in this collection. Also I loved the bondage dress that pockets which had ruffling details! Beautiful! Bella! Tres Tres Chic!

Lela Rose Fall 2010 RTW = I loved the clothing overall with the occasional color block of mustard yellow jacket and top. Gorgeous printed dress with some trusty fabric :D Color scheme is the right way to brighten up fall/winter but in a casual way! Then the ivory dresses some being off shoulders and one shoulders were divine and looked like the models were descending from heaven to greet us observers!~ Very classic femininity. Good job!

Victoria Beckham Dresses Fall 2010 RTW = When I came to see the photos from today's soht from Vicky Beckham's showing, I was stunned. There were gorgeous silhouettes and the shoes are lovely. I swore some of the models look just like her! The type of woman she is and her style is truly in these dresses. Lovely jewel tones and fabrics! Asymmetrical and architectural elements are constructed. THE perfect party dress! The last look with a Greek influence of ivory and grey with stroking detail is just breathtaking! Yes, Beckham, not your husband but you took my breath away with your gorgeous collection! I cant wait to see next season :)

Custo Barcelona Fall 2010 RTW = The collection was to die for! I loved loved loved the color and hues used! The embroidery and detail into every single outfit! The buzz of your eyes at every gorgeous look! The fabulous travel chic and the modern girl is everywhere vibe~ The prints were lovely as well!! Great job! If only I could pre-order!~ but chances are slim :(

To see photos of these fabulous collections go to www.nymag.com/fashion/fashionshows/ , they have better photos than I do! :D

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