NYFW Day 2 ~ The Wind is becoming a colorful sight of amazement..

Day 2 has came to a close as by now all shows are done and after parties and celebrations are in order for designers!

Taxi traveling, to traffic and running in heels! Hehe, Day 2 has come to a close to rest your Dr. Scholl pad ridden shoes and put some ice on~!

I have seen wonderful collections from flouncy feminine to FIERCENESS.

Some shows that went down today but not limited to: Antonio Azzuolo, Alejandro Ingelmo, 3.1 Phillip Lim Menswear, Andrew Buckler, Bensoni, Charlotte Ronson, Christian Siriano, Costello Tagliapietra, Cynthia Steffe, Cynthia Rowley, Doo.Ri, Jason Wu, Generra, Jenni Kayne, Marion Gobel, Nicole Miller, Fashion For Relief - Haiti, Project Runway, Yigal Azrouel, Michael Angel, Preen, Odyn Vovk, Rag & Bone, Rag & Bone menswear too, Wayne, Willow and Venexiana.

The shows Id mostly like to point out are Jason wu, Christian Siriano, Ruffian, Cynthia Steffe, Project Runway finalists, Wayne, Nicole Miller, rag & bone, Preen, Yigal Azrouel, Cynthia Rowley, Doo.Ri, and Charlotte Ronson.

Cynthia Rowley Fall 2010 RTW = There are an amazement of colors, artistic prints, graphics, great materials, shaggy hair, bubble dresses, very feminine, igloo style, shaggy hair pieces, some suede pants, lacy tops, and some see throughs. Bold bright colors paired with blacks and greys.

Yigal Azrouel Fall 2010 RTW = gorilla arm type blazer, blacks, lace tops, bold huge piece of big string shoulder embroidery, silhouette fitting dresses, fur, white pants, trousers tucked in socks for men, pepper suits, darker colored arm, navy colors, men leather top with normal cotton sleeves, lots of leather basically, jersey, asymmetrical jacket, black leather gloves, almost garbageman style outfit (because he brought out a trash looking bag, lol), yule winter prints, some splashes of bold red or white, stone embroidery so beautiful, no makeup just pale pink lips and a little reddish eye liner. And a surprising deep purple long length flowy beautiful silhouette. Just absolutely gorgeous!~

Project Runway Anthony & Amy Fall 2010 = Anthony had nice embroidery, shiny material, sequins, medium discs, so see through shouldered dresses, and great night out looks. Ruffle chiffon bottom dresses, blacks, some jewel tones, and it was very lovely. Amy had nice gorgeous prints, bold yellows, cream colors, black colors, and feminine cool casual looks.

Doo.Ri Fall 2010 RTW = splashes of bold redish oranges, navy, blacks, trench coats, lovely material, zebra prints, fur and just basically ultra-chic. Very lovely.

Preen Fall 2010 RTW = lovely strapless bras, serving as a cover up on some asymmetric cut dresses, its genius and gives a sexy look. Lovely prints on dresses, great materials, lavender gray silhouettes, many blacks, flowy pieces that give a sophisticated flair, some lingerie looking dresses with blazer coats, cut and curves dresses. Basically its for the modern strong woman who has a sense of sophistication and looks gorgeous in whatever she wears. LOVE LOVE!

rag & bone Fall 2010 RTW = Anglo influence, plaids, asymmetrical designs of vest and coats, influence of the English countryside as well, gray hues, black hues, yule prints, layering, a little men style influence, and deep colors. I love it~! :)

Nicole Miller Fall 2010 RTW = a lot of blacks with swatches of red and lightish colors underneath as dresses or tops. Nice embroidery, leathers, belted silhouettes, form fitting thigh length dresses, asymmetrical shoulders and dresses, a little Parisian influence, and downtown chic girl. I loved it!~

Charlotte Ronson Fall 2010 RTW = leathers, English style, jewel tones, long trenches, laid-back but stylish carefree girl, watercolor dress, black deep belted blazers, little 40s influence, electrica blue siding pants, and at end a white beautiful blowy dress down to the ankles, mostly pants but some strong girls walked in style. It was very very good :)

Wayne Fall 2010 RTW = Fur, watercolor, zebra prints, asymmetric blazers and jackets, light hues and dark hues all alike, bold red and browns, leather, and a tomboyish style. I loved it, the tough looks at first, then softer hues of strong women coming out from the fabric, and bold looks. Love love love!

Cynthia Steffe Fall 2010 RTW = silhouette fitting dresses, rustic browns, fur, knee high socks, oxfords?, belted dresses, some leatgher, ultra feminine, some chiffon and normal floral prints, English style, a little schoolgirl style, some checkered prints, zebra, horizontal stripes, grey and black hues, and something there for every type of girl. Great job! :D

Ruffian Fall 2010 RTW = Pea coats, plaids, deep blacks and greys, puffer coat, leather, trench coats, gorgeous colorful silk that is bold in some looks, starry sky style material prints, and light gray velour looking pieces. Very chic and cool~ Good job!

Christian Siriano Fall 2010 RTW = glam pieces, diagonal bruhs stroke white dresses and skirts, bright silver dresses,leather, deep blue dresses, ruffles, deep jewel tones, and luxurious. Such a lovely collection!

Jason Wu Fall 2010 RTW = checkered skirts, see throughs, great blazers and jackets, blacks, swatches of bold deep yellow, some metallic golds, any type of girl, great embroidery, lovely fabrics, great silhouette with flair at bottom dresses,and the ultra flair princess dress at the end worn by Karlie Kloss. Then he sprints! lol :D Great great great great GREAT job!

Well that concludes Day 2. Personally I loved the rag & bone, Christian Sirirano, and Jason Wu as my favorites! Everyone else was gorgeous as well!~

~Kaye Beeh.

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