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There was so much happening in the tents from interviews backstage with designers about their inspirations and the hair and makeup crews about the look for the autumn/winter 2010 looks.

Designers that showcased on Wednesday include: Tory Burch, Michael Kors, Nanette Lepore, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Milly, Alexandre Herchcovitch, Anna Sui, Abed Mahfouz, Douglass Hannant, Deux FM, Elisa Palomino, Kate Spade, William Rast, Karen Sabag, Marchesa, Oscar De La Renta, Proenza Schouler, Victor De Sousa, and Brian Reyes.

The Daily Fashion Week Review:

The collections that had me to "hello world!" were: Tory Burch, Michael Kors, Milly, Nanette Lepore, Phillip Lim, Anna Sui, Proenza Schouler, Herchcovitch, and Oscar De La Renta.

For the Tory Burch Fall 2010 ready to wear collection, had such lifestyle pieces for the artsy girl, the fun girl, the fun girl and any type of girl with chic edgy pieces like printed pants, stripes, grays, furs , and tailored pieces such as combos of pants with layered tops. Some grungy pieces with the arm gloves, beanie hats, and belted sets that made me swoon. The Tory Burch fan will be amazed by the new genius that Tory Burch has come up with, I love it. The pieces can be mixed to whatever you like and still look awesome.

In the Michael Kors show, the all-American glam is back. Sea of grays, blacks, whites, and beiges. There were Aspen like influences with the jackets and coats. The suits for the modern woman in the business were gorgeously tailored and ready to flaunt! I loved the normal everyday pieces that we might already have, Kors had updated them to new looks like we have never even before thought could be done! Lovely belted silhouettes, furs, few puffer coats, and evening dresses ending the Kors affair!

For the Proenza Schouler showing, they went feminine with an edge. Plaids, prints, ivories, grays, and blacks with high waist-ed shorts and skirts. their signature belted waist vests with tanks/blouses with skirts. The screen printed blue pants and vest were to die for! They ended the show with thigh and knee length edgy feminine and flair cocktail dresses for the rocker chic and fashionista within....

In the De La Renta viewing, it started with a classic long double breasted fur trimmed red coat for the couture within the modern girl, to looks that included ultra 40s chic femininity-at-its height with belted dresses and belted trench and long embroidered coats. It was an ocean of colors with managing 4 looks or 5 to a color. The prints and old time with modern flair looks were truly magnificent with the structured tailoring. Renta ended the lavish affair with evening gowns that gave off an ultra-glam affect with blacks and waist cinching hues.

The Milly by Michelle Smith collection was wonderful, it had Blair Waldorf pieces and outfits all over it with ultra feminine plaids, the colorful hosiery, the thigh length skirts and tweed matching jackets and blazers. A lot of party looks, silks, and the tailoring was at its height! Gorgeous prints and bold lines with the occasional ruffles and bubble skirt galore! This was pure femininity as always expected of Milly. The ending last looks, some sleeves were fur inspired. :)

In the Phillip Lim show, bold lines galore with flowy over coats, some denim looks, the modern girl with flair. I was amazed, as expected of Lim. Color blocked pants and jackets. Lots of layering. The color scheme was gorgeous! Purples, grays, blacks, burnt light oranges, and beiges. Some sequined looks for the modern glam and fashionista girl who may sometimes like to be low key but still look great! It had looks for all! :)

Lastly, William Rast label behind the genius of Trace Ayala and Justin Timberlake, it was definitely more classy and sophisticated times a hundred, they still stayed true to their Midwestern scenery and landscapes influence but edgy looks for the cool and low-key kid. Nice use of colors such as deep greens, blacks, sky blues, and white. I saw some leather pieces, fur, military influences, belted silhouettes, and layering! I loved all of the pieces! Ripped denim jeans paired with some casual tops and jackets. Pieces for the edgy girl such as the brigade ending with leather jumpsuit which I loved the zip details, with a fur hoodie trimmed long gray overcoat tilted to the side for a tough sharp but effortless cool look.

I loved all of the collections that day but these stood out the most. I cant wait to see what happens in the fall for how everyone mix and matches the pieces to incorporate into their A/W style and for the spring/summer 2011 collections from these amazing designers.

~~Kaye Beeh

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