The Allegory of Celebrity & Advertisement in Fashion

Id like to open this up with the acknowledgment and pay my respects to SCOOP NYC, whom is closing all stores across the US, in due time. It feels like the end of an era with this one but this implosion in fashion has been a long time coming and also for old business models of 2000-2005, the older ways of doing business and technology have now become archaic.

I mean I remember those early years when socialites and young starlets are on the scene in the earliest gossip sites and fashion blogs, sporting the hottest bag, clothing, and accessories to wear; and not to mention, the exact same place to get it from: the Kitson boutiques, SCOOP NYC, etc.

These young and older ladies of the time, were and still are the walking billboard for the latest in wears. But now ever since the rise in social media around the 2005-2010 onwards period of time, advertisement has been taken to using the classic models or hot figures of the moment (like the Hadid Sisters, the Jenner girls, Jourdan Dunn, Karlie Kloss) and television personalities to showcase these looks not only on off-duty times but during special events and prints.

Lets not forget, some boutiques like Intermix and Singer 22 that showcases the latest in fashion trends are still going strong, they not only have a social media presence in terms of instagrams, twitters, a fanbase following, pictures of celebs wearing certain things, but also trends are definitely studied and there is a massive amount of availability in terms of separates and things in season. Sales at times being generous to get rid of dead stock or out of season clothing. The site layouts are clean but not too minimalist, they act like Net-A-Porter in this respect and like a magazine, giving off an aesthetic sense of the clothing and a wide availability of pieces, if you want to create whole looks or what not.

Now to finish my thought, when business stick to the same model without improvement, things like this and of course, the curveball, rising rents in certain areas, will cause closures if there is no profit margins and too much risk with little benefit.

But of course, there can be unforeseen factors that we are researchers, the public, and etc do not know about. In my experience with studying models and closures such as these, there is a little bit of a coincidental pattern.

Good Luck Scoop NYC, thanks for an era of obtainable trendy luxury and a place to pick up something quick!

~Kaye Beeh

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