Just In: Superga x Man Repeller Tweedy Sneakers

So I have been loving Superga for a couple of years now, the classic Cotu styles in minimalist simple colors but I started seeing various patterning and shapes coming out and not to mention collaborations.

Ones by the Man Repeller and The Row adorn my inspiration boards months ago. Low and behold, whilst looking on ebay, I found these babies brand new in box for $50, so I immediately picked them up.

I love how tweedy, sparkly and chic they are. Like the more luxurious designer sneakers with a easy flair (unlike those atrocious Chanel sneakers that are too harajuku sparkly). I love how the eyelets are golden colored and they are high tops.

I mean the outfit possibilities and  these will look cute next to my Lanvins and other Converses. Shoe game is on point with this.

~Kaye Beeh

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