Beauty: Nature Republic Aqua Collagen Ceramide Hydrogel Mask

Its been a little bit since I reviewed something or talked about my AB routine and things I currently like. Well after work yesterday, I decided to finally take a breather and walk around before I take the train to get home. Made my way into Nature Republic which is always near work and walked out with wallet damage (which I will showcase the haul at a later date).

Low and behold, the one thing I will discuss first is this Aqua Ceramide Collagen Hydrogel Mask. Never tried hydrogel masks, I have only done sheet cotton, mud, and wash offs. But this one is so rich and is a little bit gooey to get on your skin correctly, but when it cooperates you feel great, like a spa facial.

Only thing is not much in terms of remaining essence as most of this one absorbed quick and not alot left in the bag, not sure if this is normal for hydrogels. Face did feel nice and look brighter after the mask but with a few more uses of new ones, lets see if it really makes my face look more moisturized.


I like how its a 2 part mask. I followed it up with the Nature Republic argan oil, Nature Republic bee venom spot treatment, The Face Shop chia seed hydrating emulsion, and the Polynesia Lagoon Hydro Cream.

~Kaye Beeh

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