Sunday Funday: Pamper Yourself

With today being the most relaxing or most stressful day of the week, depending on whom is asked, it is essential to gather the essentials or do things like that you like to do to relax. In my opinion, a great sunday is good music, good food, detoxifying, easy-going, and pampering yourself.

The idea of pampering yourself includes laying by the windowsill in a cozy blanket with a good book or magazine on the iPad, a nice body scrub to scrub away the worries of the oncoming week and polish up tired skin, a good facial mask to stay on for 20 minutes, shave (if you need to), and cleansing your closet and fridge of bad things (expired or things you don't wear or need).

But I will mostly focus on the beauty and detoxifying parts of self-pampering on a Sunday, or any day really.

1) start off with drinking water all throughout the day.

2) Then doing a really great workout, a HIIT to make you sweat and go hard or a nice barre for strength in stillness, or even yoga if you went hard the entire week and need personal time to relax and restore.

3) Make your home and carry-to-work meals for this week from now or until Tuesday, makes life easier.

4) Relax with a good book or have a mini Netflix binge.

5) Take no phone calls, put that phone on silent or away.

6) When you go to shower, use a sugar/body scrub and then moisturize. Shave if necessary.

Speaking of, these are my favorite scrubs:

The Bliss Body Buff in Vanilla and Bergamot. Its so nice smelling, so relaxing and the right amount of buff, its not coarse beads at all.

Then the Juicy Couture Couture Couture Body Scrub, is so nice smelling, its like getting the perfume to be soaked into your body forever. The scrub is a little bit coarse, but sometimes you need that good scrub.

Then my other favorites that Sephora actually sells. The Caudalie Divine Scrub, it gets rid of dirt and oil for sure, in that cedar and rose hinted smell.

And of course the moisturizing, Coco Rose by Herbivore Coconut Oil Body Polish. all natural plant based, rose and coconut hints and makes your skin so soft! Great for winter to spring transition!

Or of course, when I dont feel like using those, its always fun to try and create your own at home ones, I love this one by Wellness Mama here!

7) Get back into bed, finish Netflix binge until night. Or turn on your sound machine for beach sounds and rain noise, and close your eyes. The world is your oyster at this point.

8) Don't eat dinner too late, for healthy digestion and not feeling sluggish the next morning that is.

9) And of course, have a green juice for the day, nice way to get into herbs, vitamins, minerals and other phytonutrients, if you don't take a multi. Not a bad way to natural detoxify the body without those "cleanses".

I cant stress how good Vibrant Health's Green Vibrance is. Everyone everywhere is drinking it. I mean it also has digestive enzymes and probiotics as a bonus. Who can argue with that?

All of these tips is what I love doing, makes me feel better and more calm. I mean to find serenity and enjoyment in things we like to do and not doing anything is hard in this fast paced environment we sometimes are thrown into.

Just don't forget about yourself, pamper yourself. So you can start Monday like:

~Kaye Beeh

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  1. Kaye, I think we all need to take a day here and there just for ourselves... I love the ideas you put forth here. I want to try the sugar scrubs... they sound like they would be amazing xox


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