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As summer is giving us a final hurrah with its ever shinning rays that just run right through you. It leaves you tired and I understand the need to feel energized. I was looking over at, where they were having fun discussions about recipes and different ways to use healthy supplements and products. They are the company who makes those delicious looking greens packets, vegan protein packets, and Goji + Pumpkin seed trail mix. I decided in this post to join in on the fun and share my best tips on getting the ultimate summer glow!
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As you know summer, is humid, arid, hot, windy, free radicals swim around, the sea salt from the beach days play havoc on your hair and skin at times, and you feel this overall sense of fun but exhausted. For my summer, I basically focus on the 3 hot zones:  Hair , Skin, and Inner nourishment.

For my hair, the two ultimate nourishing items to have are : Coconut Oil and Avocado! Either of them you can apply topically, which I do, but sometimes I love eating or drinking them both as well! Ultimate nourishment in terms of awakening dehydrated hair strands, scalp, and unlocking that necessary glow and shine!

With Coconut Oil, I love to use the Monoi Coconut Oil Deep Conditioning Mask and Rejuvenating Spray by Organic RS.

 Not only do they have a fantastic smell but gives the hair the necessary nutrients it needs! As for Avocado, You can apply it as a mask or eat it! Which is the best part~! I tend to eat my avocado in a salad. One of my favorite recipes that I made up is below!

Kaye's Colorful Summer Salad
- 1 to 2 cups of Romaine Lettuce
- 1/2 to 1 cup of Radicchio Leaves
- Sprinkle in some cut figs
- 1/4 cup of cut and cooked okra
- 1/2 cut of whole avocado
- Cut in halves, about 8 plum small tomatoes
- 1/4 to 1/2 cup of garbanzo/ chick peas
- Sprinkle in some mix of vinegar, ginger glaze, and mango chutney
- Optional one can add in chicken or any sort of meat

Another good salad recipe is on the Aloha website, cucumber and avocado, which is ultra hydrating! See it here. Also you can check out their healthy recipes here!

Now moving onto the skin, some products I love are: again Coconut Oil, Biotin, and my Lancome Bienfait Multi-Vital SPF 30 Sun Lotion.

For Coconut Oil, I love the 100% MCT energy giving and supple liquid one by Vitamin Shoppe.  Its non GMO, from their organic plant line, cold pressed without lauric acid to make it liquid and it is very consistent without fillers like other products. You can use it to cook with as well, so win win situation.

For Biotin, its one of the B-Vitamins that is water soluble so it doesn't stay in the body to be stored like the fat soluble ADEK vitamins, but I love what it does with collagen, horsetail extract and silica for healthy hair, skin, and nails. Keeping them from being brittle, being deficient, and getting that nutrition it needs. You can get them from any brand! in any amount of mcg but be careful not to use too much, in terms of high toxicity levels, as too much of a good thing can be a bad thing.

And of course it cannot be summer without a skin protectant, which is why I love my Lancome Bienfait SPF 30 Lotion. Lancome always does their research and it creates such a good barrier for my skin and goes on smoothly, without melting in the hot skin or feeling too sticky. It protects and nourishes for me!

Last but not least on the summer essentials list, is the most important of all, inner nourishment. Some of my favorites above that as you can see works from the inside as well as from the outside. Other great inner nourishment in terms of supplements and vitamins and superfoods are: Greens, Probiotics, Multi-Vitamins and Goji Berries!

In terms of greens, its great to mix your own or go with a blend that has so much to offer in terms of different greens, superfoods, fruits, and photosynthetic types like Alfafa, Kelp, Broken Cell Wall Chlorella and etc. It helps to reenergize the body, help build and protect cellular damage and neutralize free radicals. So many benefits to greens. My favorite greens to use is by Amazing Superfoods, the Lemon Lime Energy Blend. Gives natural plant energy with all of the added benefits.

Not only are probiotics great for replenishing good bacteria in the gut and intestines, they are great when you are taking antibiotics and need immune system support! My favorite is by Garden of Life, the Fitbiotic packets. But probiotics come in many forms, refrigerated and shelf stable types, the best types are 6 strains or more of both Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus. With the fall coming up and the change in season, allergies and seasonal support are going to be necessary.

Multivitamin, a great way to get it from elemental synthetic forms without fillers and from whole food sources that are more bioavailable to the body! A great way to make up vitamins, minerals, and other enzymes necessary for system catalysts and maintenance. If your diet lacks or you feel like you are not getting enough, its a sure fire way to get in those necessary and essential nutrients! Can get them in powder, capsules, gummies and liquid, so there is no excuse!

Lastly, one of my favorites, Goji Berries, one of the most studied superfoods out there right now and also put with many other superfoods into formulas for consumption! Like cacao, maca, etc. It tastes really good and it is so nutrient dense, native to Mongolia, that it contains all of the amino acids necessary for body processes, have 21 trace minerals, highest protein out of any of the other fruits, and are high in fiber! The one Ive tried in the past and is still my favorite is the Aloha Trail Mix itself. With other nuts and seeds, it is energizing and delicious!

Last but not least, drinking water can also be added as a healthy glow essential for the summer and as we descend into the final days of summer which is filled with a plethora of heat waves to remind us of how hot summer can be! 

Stay cool and stay glowing!

Kaye Beeh~


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