Beeh's Fitness Lately

Keeping up my fitness game especially when not hitting the physical gym when you dont have time is still crucial. Thats why I work out at home alot, my own personal home gym with my weights, rower, foam roller, mats, and dvds really help me to keep accountable.

My rotation as of right now, is non existent. The last 2 month rotation is did was Insanity Max 30 that I completed to a "T". But these are the dvds that I have been using the last 2 weeks and other youtube videos I found.

- Insanity Max 30
- Exhale Core Fusion Pilates Plus
- Addicted to Sweat Chair Jaw Breaker 
- Pop Physique Cardio Butt School
- Pop Physique Original Butt
- Tapout XT

It is amazing when you keep things interesting and your body continues to guess, that muscle confusion.

~Kaye Beeh

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