Inspirations: Working from Home

Everyone knows that besides having to work at an office or at school, one essentially works from home in terms of the regular 9-5 work that carries over into home time. And of course, we have those who work directly from home or need a space to work from. I was looking at some Pinterest decor and design inspirations and came across They're a co-working company that offers beautiful shared office space all over the world.

The idea that if you need a place to work from, especially if you need a place for your team that is affordable, neat, can be customized to rent for your standards, there is a space you can grow from. I know here in NYC, space is minute and every costs money, its great to have a place you can use and decorate and allows for flexibility, which is crucial! Its the pied-a-terre without paying such a high rent!

But for me, how I'd customize that space and my own home office is incorporating my own design aesthetics from my own interests and pins that represent what I love and aesthetically admire.

Of course, my desk is messy but clearing it up and making it over into something I love is a work in progress! But here is what I want to infuse together so far:

I love a mixture of modern, quirky, chinoserie, minimalist, morcorran, ethnic, blossoming, and comfy regal looks. Just how to achieve this blend, the next few months stay tuned. :)

~Kaye Beeh

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