TBT: Throwback Tuesday to Ann Demeulemeester

I remember around 2008-2010, Ann Demeulemeester was the shoes to covet, Acne Studios sweaters and wedges were the norm, and Rick Owens drapery is gold. Well most of these are still the case, as I still covet them. I mean all of the trends come and go, but these designers for sure stick to what they know and are good at.

I mean look at Ann Demeulemeester and Rick Owens, the brand has that androgyny, layered, edgy, and eclectic look that can be clean cut when you need it to be. Their identities have been forth-right and always stable and in demand. I mean Barneys and other retailers like Net-A-Porter will always have them in stock.

And of course, Acne is always popular for whats in trend but they have an identity as well for pieces themselves that are covetable and always well made for anytime and can be well worn during any trend that is happening.

But I do love, these classic Ann Demeulemeester boots, the triple lace and open toe lace up sandals from Spring 2009.

~Kaye Beeh

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