The Perfect (Or Near to) Accessories

Was never a fan of the Alex and Ani bracelets but then I got my first one from my mother and it was the Positivity one and read ever literature available on it. The moment I tried it on and wore it, I knew I had a new love affair.

Then came the Phoenix bracelet one that you see in the photo with the Positivity one. I did buy 3 more after this image was taken, a Zodiac one with my zodiac sign, one that features Saint Anthony, and the Apple of Abundance.

Then I saw an inspired one by an unknown designer done in sterling silver and it was the tree of life which I did buy and its a gorgeous addition to them, probably will do a post on that at another time.

And lately, been shopping my closet in terms of bag accessories and found these babies to be my most frequently used carrier in terms of mileage:

This gorgeous J. Crew Marlie Crossbody Bag in Tweed and Leather.

Then of course my amazing worn in il Bisonte brown leather backpack. (Sorry for the upside down photo)

Me loving the high street designers, cant do without a piece of LV. Loving this Louis Vuitton backpack I got a month ago in Florida.

Another great tote, this one is Tory Burch's Double Zip Tote in Robinson Saffiano leather. Love how you can prim up an outfit with this or can travel as a carry on!

Another Tory Burch for when I dont feel like for a lot is this Spectator Mini Crossbody Wallet on Chain. It has slots for cards, cash, and an pouch area with space for various mini things. Love the pink color, I usually dont but its the perfect shade.

Another classic from one of my old Coach lookbooks from 2004, is this Coach Wave baguette. Its a rare style thats always fun to have and keep.

Then loving my Hermes CDC bracelet and Lanvin Snakeskin cap toe pink suede sneakers combo, a bit rocker yet luxurious.

~Kaye Beeh


  1. Amazing haul! I love the cute mini bag from Tory Burch and the earrings are perfect too!


  2. You have always the best bags! I love especially the LV backpack you got 1 month ago :) Happy Easter!
    xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena
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  3. Interesting posts! But I miss blog design.. It would be good to promote your blog!

    I invite you to my blog and follow if you liked it! I can follow you back if you want...!!

    Regards! :)

    Enai's Soul

  4. I have tried to use a smaller bag, i think they are so much cuter and stylish but I always end up with a larger tote size bag... so I pick nice colored ones... xox

    The bracelets are cute, I like the ideas behind them... Happy Easter Kaye xox


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