Workout Gains from Insanity Max 30 & Whats Next!

I am writing this as a little break from fashion and pop culture talk, to discuss what I am currently doing for fitness, my results thus far, and whats next on my agenda! I purchased Insanity Max 30 for Christmas back in december, not sure if I mentioned it here, but it was a good purchase from Beachbody. Last one I did was Piyo, and I havent used it at all. 

Anyways, with that said, I started with it right away and got through all of it, though, the days werent consecutive at times, I made it through the *Coughs* entire 60 days as of tomorrow, with my last workout being Friday Fight Rd 2. Then afterwards this Monday, I do the first ever workout I did of the program which was Cardio Challenge to test my max out time and how far I've come. And then Tuesday, move onto some other rotation like a hybrid or a new program!

Results wise: I lost 5 pounds, I could have lost more but my eating was a bit shaky at times and recently really started to log 98% what I eat over at myfitnesspal, cant be 100% because I am human, so I try my best and the thought of logging for the rest of my life puts a daunting-alarming feeling once in every while. Inches wise about a couple off my abs, sides, legs, calves, and arms. Endurance and mentally, I definitely have more energy, more clarity, and I am getting better with resistance required workouts and am able to last longer, this is in part due to the max out element of it.

This program is one of the most amazing ones I have done, some dont like it, I do. Its a shorter version to Insanity and doesnt feel like forever. An amazing hybrid of the original and shorter version would be awesome with some p90x3 mixed in!

Which brings me to whats next:

- More Gym Time, absolutely.
- Ballet Beautiful workouts mixing in nicely.
- Cross training a blend of different styles of workouts, so if I mix Shaun T with Tracy Anderson and Chalene Johnson with Bob Harper, yes~
- And of course my Fe Fit 28 day challenge and 90 day rotation to do.
- And Fitness Blender and other beachbody & youtube workouts to do!

There is so much but as long as you keep moving, you will be fine. Fitness definitely keeps me fit, active, and from being lonely.

~Kaye Beeh

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