For Our Department Store Buddies

For those that work in department stores like Macys, Bloomies, and Nordstrom etc, I notice for so many years that employees on their break carry a clear like case displaying all imaginable things and personal products that I know may or may not be embarrassing. I mean a display of your things in a clear bag must be an invasion of privacy but for your job I suppose its necessary so it is a loss prevention technique and so that the department stores can control whether or not, you take anything from the store or not.

I  see those clear cases and I wonder if they are standard issued or not. That is my big question, if not, I think a great solution is cute clear and see-through but funky designed bags/cases for our department store sisters.

Ones like the Dooney and Bourke Lunch Totes

and my very own Juicy Couture Fragrance Clear Tote Bag

I think they are great for a cute design to that everyday clear case and it holds a ton more of necessities that you might need.

~Kaye Beeh

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