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Well...Thanks for being for patient folks. I had to leave my harry potter legacy posting up for a couple of days. It deserved to be recognized as it is part of our years long decade and such an amazing franchise that will live forever. Thank you Directors, Actors, Actresses and film crews and the guy that delivers coffee and such... *Accio Wand*!

Now I am planning on see this new installment! HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS PART 2......sometime this week in the midday. :) I got the dvd for part 1 and watched it immmediately. Talk about desperation.

Well anyway, I had such a wonderful time hanging out at the Deer Park Tanger Outlets (Officially its "Tanger Outlets at The Arches" *coughs upper crusts cough cough*) here in NY. It truly was lovely weather and great deals on items truly. I came very close to buying a Kate Spade Black Zebra Decor Bag but obviously me mum says otherwise ("Thats an old woman bag, dear")

oioioioi. -_- my face lol

Everyone was at the Regal Cinemas there, having food, and just taking strolls. With the occasional buying. I was laughing at people (called having fun in my book). I did not take photos because I was too busy having fun and laughing. :D

But they do name the roads and different paths in Italian, which is a bonus in my book. The atmosphere is so relaxed. Outdoors, not in enclosed spaces like malls but great! It has a west coast feel to it.

Anyways, the breeze was blowing, actually bought goodies from American Eagle (haven't in months and months), Calvin Klein (months and months), Last Call Neiman Marcus (you get the idea), Off Saks 5th (you get it?), and BCBG MAxAzria (you get the picture?) Well anyway. I did not take photos of them yet, rather in the next week or so, I will be wearing them, so you can enjoy them on the model (yes me! woohooo!)

But I can tell what I have gotten. (Pics to come later, stay tuned....)

-Adrienne Vitadini White Crop Sweater with some sparkle detail on the chest area (not like any other)
- 2 American Eagle Army Relaxed Cargo Pants (they are seriously sick and can go with anything to give a cool flair)
- Collared clean cut navy blue & white striped tee from BCBG MaxAzria (first time I bought anything in there ever at 42 bucks, this top was a steal)
-American Eagle Beach tee (not the logo but actually city and beach photos on it, its really cool. I dont like to buy the logo *avoids rant*) ^_^
- Black Relaxed Boyfriend Long Cardigan by Calvin Klein
- Navy Blue Miami style casual top by Calvin Klein

As you could tell there is like no actual names for the items but I thought I could pass em by with such good conviction and not to mention FLAIR!

And of course to end of with a night view of Tanger Deer Park (this is a fall season one, the summer one I didnt take yet).

And of course, to come home later on to read more fan-fictions but before I got home, got a lovely drive on the parkway of course Sunday traffic back to new york to hit but its all good.

When I get home, the fan-fictions come but then Terry World and Selby Place Book I browse til I feel sleepy.
But for all of you who are bored, go over to Terry World. Terry Richardson Daily Diary. He has photos of Mila Kunis and Lindsay Wixson that dropped by his studio to take photos and fool around with god knows what! But If I ever had that privilege, that would be wicked. My favorite photos are ones where everyone is Terry (they assimilate with his signature large frame black clear glasses).

Well music of the day has to be.... from Canadian Soul Group Jacksoul....
Jacksoul - Still Believe in Love (from 2004) Classic song and a little old but timeless. *RIP Haydain (the lead singer of Jacksoul)*

~~ Forever,
Kaye Beeh

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  1. This post reminds me how much I need a shopping spree!



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