So what is Beeh up to? +_+_+_+_+

So, this weekend I have had the pleasure of mostly being inside away from the heat wave of NYC. Only to go out at night to Brooklyn to chill, but I digress.

I saw that Barneys New York still had their online sale with free ground shipping of FedEx going on still, it ends very very soon, so I decided to take a look through. I looked through Home goods, not much is for my space, Bath products, not many, clothing, id rather see it in person,bags, nope, but shoes yes.

I ended up looking through pages and pages of shoes. I came back to seeing my favorite collaboration line they had Loomstate X Keds. Last time I wanted to buy but my size was not there. I saw that in the light green (a great color!) they had a size 9. And for 40 bucks. From the regular 110$ surely I couldn't pass it up. I bought it Friday...

And here it is! Bright and Early FedEx delivered it today, Monday morning!~!~!~

It has the loomstate style of the little birdies plus its great for fall/winter when i don't want boots because it has a bottom gripping and the sheep fluff/ wool inside!

Then I move on what I made this morning and ate. White American cheese with southwestern style chicken pieces on Whole Wheat wrap with sliced strawberries. Sometimes I could be a chef, sometimes Im lazy. Like how today is a rain day, im in shock.

Oh and I made a trip to Marshalls the other day, Saturday and bought this for 5 dollars. Mets fans unite! It works with my mp3 player, ipod, and smartphone mytouch slide. So I could blast music like im in a photoshoot and not give two shits. :) ASDF!

Sorry if it seems like im choppy but I just have a lot to mention! And this is my style.

I have also been Exercising! Look at what im doing! crazy right, but fitness gives me such a high. :)

There is also my two new fragrances being added into my growing collection, soon Ill try to round them all up and take a pic. But itll take a while.

And also my new Birkenstocks I bought from Ebay!

And....thats what Beeh has been upto. Going a mile a minute in addition to go to the Botanic Garden to work.

If youll excuse me folks, Im going to eat my Ciao Bella ice cream, read my fanfictions, and put on my Christian Siriano sneakers and a green shawl with huge sunnies. Wishing I was in Montauk on the surf lodge.

Much loveeee!
~Kaye Beeh


  1. These boots are FIERCE!
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  2. I love strawberries.
    I love Barney's.
    We are perfect for each other.
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  3. Cute Keds!! I love Jadore as well! :)


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  4. thank you for dropped the comment on my blog dear :D
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  5. Sounds goooooooreat!!

    X Heels In Sand

  6. love strawberry

    and thanks for your lovely comment

  7. Ohhhh J'adore Dior! <3
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