A little break into Dramas..

So currently, I have not been updating too often because there really isnt much right now. But all i am doing is just my normal fitness and watching more dramas more.

I love japanese, taiwanese, and korean dramas. They all are pretty good! And they host some of the world's best actors, wow.

For my summer music series, here is the theme song from a taiwanese drama I enjoy called "Love or Bread." Its called Yi Wan Ke La De Xing Fu and it is sung by one of the guy's that plays one of the main supporting characters to the story.

Both Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng in this drama, are amazing, its their third drama together. Great chemistry no? Its a funny yet romantic drama. Watch it over at DramaCrazy or MySoju.
Im going to catch up on my dramas.

Update when I can :)

--Kaye Beeh

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  1. I have never seen those dramas, which one will you recommend?



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