Zumba Rumba

Hi again folks, just did Zumba as I said I would and I did not stop it at all. I went through the basics and then to the beginning 20 minute express where I got alot of gyration, leg, and total body movement. You dance Salsa, Carribean rhythm, Reggaeton, Reggae, Merengue, and Calypso styles.

My heart rate definitely went up and never slowed down at all during all of it. I burned about 191 calories in just 20 minutes. :) I feel proud.

All you do in pop in the dvd and dance. Follow them and If you feel that your missing steps, slow down but still move and watch then pick it up again!

I look forward to doing more at Home Zumba and the full 45 minute class at my Lucille Roberts Gym (im a gold member, so I technically do not have 1 gym I solely go to! haha :P).

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