Walking at Home with Leslie Sansone

These past few days (more like 2 weeks) I have been sick and now in recovery mode from it. I do a random walk around my house. After eating some apples with graham crackers yesterday, I decided Mum has some good fitness dvds, why not look through her stash so I can try new things without a plateau.

I see that she is a big leslie sansone fan. She has about 5-6 of her dvds :) So I see this one: ..

I say okay so I took to my room and decided to do a 1-mile walk, and I succeed. It felt like another walk I would take outside but instead within the vicinity of my home. I felt empowered and awesome after it. Then today, I decided to do the 2-mile and I worked really hard.

Leslie Sansone I can say has gained another fan, she is amazing and inspirational. I ordered her 4-mile with weighted gloves, which has excellent reviews, and my mum wanted it. So ill share the pot 'o gold!

Tomorrow I do the 3-miler and then continue with it. Im going to put my skills to the test and try it at the park for a walk and see how much my walk/jog skills improve. Im looking forward to 2 upcoming 5k races... :)


Kaye Beeh

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