Crystal Renn vs. The World

Yeah I know this story may be old but I feel the need to reiterate that Crystal Renn going on that Today show to discuss her thoughts and believes in herself was wonderful. She states that she is a former anorexic in recovery for the past when she was entering plus-modeling and is disappointed that her photo was photoshopped to make her look skinnier.

It is not the message she wants to send to her fans and teenage girls in pressure of weight problems, and I agree with her completely. We must show a positive side to all of ourselves and love ourselves for how we are. Flaws or no flaws. It is what makes us all unique and gives us our makeup.

Another thing I loved that she said was to Forget the wall of runway, skinny, and plus-size and just "call us all models".

You go Crystal, Im definitely behind you 10000%.

Have a great healthy and confident day,

Kaye Beeh

P.S.- Crystal Renn losing some weight, it happens. Its a natural part of life. We gain and lose weight.

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