Core Rhythms Latin Dancing Program......I've Tried It.

I ordered the dvd with my mum in an attempt that we both enjoy dance dvds, well she loves them more than I ever will. I will do a dance dvd if it is like Core Rhythms or ballroom dancing/samba class which I am joining soon.

Core Rhythms came in the mail today, so I did The Firm workout earlier and now I decided to go on with my stream of activities. I popped in the quick workout starter dvd instead of the full length starter package dvd.

About the Creators

JAANA KUNITZ and JULIA POWERS are widely known for their success as World Champion Latin Dancers.

And let me say, I love it. So sensual and fun to move with. This is definitely high energy and great. The cool-down done is lovely. You will sweat with this and lose inches around your waist and hips it seems. So much gyrating, I love it.

With the Quick Workout being about 23 minutes long, I burned 153 calories. Amazing! Same amount Id burn doing 20-25 minutes on the stationary bike. But I did it with dancing. Dripping with sweat but feeling great!

I shall continue with this workout trend and get the other dvds. All I have to say is with the moves, If you dont get them right away...they go slow in the intervals then speed it up for calorie burned and shedding inches around the middle section!

You can order it on Amazon for about 11-12 dollars, the starter package which comes with 3 DVDs. The first dvd is like with a partner, for example, get your best friend, boyfriend, fiance, husband, or other family member to come dance. Then the 2nd one is full length dancing and the 3rd is express 20 minutes with 3 minute cooldown. Then when your ready order the rest of dvds. I do recommend amazon because you save a lot of money!

Many people have found success with it and so will I. In addition to my Core Fusion, gym membership, free gym passes, leslie sansone dvds (which Im trying now for the first time), jillian michaels dvds (once in a while ill put it in), and pilates & yoga dvds.

Do it everyday, full length or express. Just do it.


Kaye Beeh

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