Purchase of Saturday Purchases

Yeah so almost every Saturday I end up purchasing stuff at Amazon. I have a little Amazon addiction. Its healthy though ;) Last week was leslie sansone for my mom and ore rhythms for both of us.

This week Saturday was a little bit more....

The Firm: Power Half Hour

The Firm - Cardio Sculpt Fusion

The Firm: Total Body Time-Crunch

The Firm: Burn and Shape

The Firm - Total Body Toner

A little spurge but I worked hard this week, so why not reap the benefits in a little exercise and wellness. All though next month, Im going to get the Exhale Core Fusion Energy Flow Dvd the day it releases or before...if I decide to buy directly at Exhale Spa.

Oh speaking of Exhale, when I was there Thursday, there was Eliza's stuff on sale for 5 dollars. Get that folks! I bought something. A loving eliza's eye item. :) I feel great. Also there was 2 samples of healthy extract drips, the full bottle was there next time I go I can buy. One was for green tea remedy and other was pomegranate. Yum!

Have a lovely day.

Kaye Beeh

P.S. - I know most of my dvds are led by Emily Welsh this time...I just noticed it myself!

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