Crunchyroll - The MAIN ATTACK FORCE!

I know we all love to watch dramas (when most were available on it) and anime episodes on Crunchyroll. Crunchy is no longer a word of mouth, its a dominating force!

They recently acuqired the rights to legally stream Bleach (which Dattebayo had been doing along with Naruto (they stopped when Viz decided to stream off their own site and Crunchy)).

I commend Dattebayo Fansubs and thank them for all these years of Japan in our homes as a way of escaping the environment around us. I know that for sure they will have more awesome project in store for the future.

But Crunchyroll is now the big shiner. Naruto, Bleach, Skip Beat, and others you can view....well the day after it just releases the same time in Japan, due to respect to Premium members who pay to get it all.

Congrats to Crunchyroll, Ive been with you guys since the beginning and Dattebayo from the beginning. Im looking forward to the future with you guys!

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