Shenmue III (Trois!)

Oh I wish..

I know all Shenmue fans including myself thought that the Shenmue enterprise rocks and played both games and beat them (hats off to the QT - quick time almost messed up my finishing Shenmue II).

Well we have all been waiting on Shenmue III and watched fan-made trailers, which I admit are very good, and have seen Shenmue Online come about and fail.

I hope there are still believers out there about Shenmue III because I am very patient and still holding out.

Latest News is some other blog talks about the biggest thing Sega can release between this year and next year, and hell yes; I agree. Other news is back in January of this year Sega themselves has said it depends on sales and if the opportunity to do this presents itself then sure they will go along on the ride. This could both bad and good news at the same time. You decide folks.

P.S. - Petitions still go around, look for one and sign.

Fellow Shenmue+Ren lover,
Kaye Beeh.

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