Trip Goods: From Tiffanys to J.Crew

So I enjoyed the trip to Atlantic City, at the Jersey Shore! Various snaps, pictures, and pina coladas later, I realized how much I missed this place. Havent seen in 2 years and heard and read so much news about properties closing and the status of Atlantic City as a destination surf town. 

But alas, I went to the Playground Pier, that was once called the Pier at Caesars, and my oh my it has changed. Stopped into Tiffanys, and its my first piece in a long time. My own little congratulatory gift for getting into Law School.

Love the wrapping and customer service every time. I had this in mind since this piece was in my bookmark folder for a while and decided to check it out and deliberate if I should get it or not. Nothing gaudy but elegant for everyday wear.

Presenting: The Tiffany Notes Alphabet Disc Charm Pendant with the "J" initial on an 18" thicker chain. Had the option of thinner or this one for $10 bucks more. I figured the thin one could get broken more easily or knotted, and knowing myself, the thicker chain works. I wanted the K initial but they were sold out so I went with my middle name. Associate told me I could get the K and the initial for my last name and do a charm necklace with my first, middle, and last initials. DAT I LIKE!!

I have not bought Coach in a long time, not since Krakoff was CD. But I couldnt help myself when I saw this cute small top handle crossbody. The Coach Mini Bennett in Burgundy Floral. I love the new direction Coach is going in!

Then stopped into J. Crew after the short walk from Coach and picked up this sweater. I love a good novelty sweater and J. Crew does it for me. The quirky and practicality mix gets me every time. So when I saw this golden foil Zebra designed crew sweatshirt, that is soft to the touch, I had to bite. 

Not to mention, I got free shipping for another sweater they had on sale but didnt have in stock. I believe it was called the Caryn. The cute cardigan with the seahorse on the breast area. :D

Got these major vibes, Nike Flyknits. I dont know how long I have wanted the flyknits but finally got them on a good sale. $59 from $120. :) Now whose a happy camper.

~Kaye Beeh

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