Bag Love: FURLA Dreams

Have been a long time fan of Furla, this great Italian company makes gorgeous solid bags that stand the test of time, whether you want a satchel or a crossbody. From soft calf to saffiano leather. Recently I reignited my love for Furla when I was in Florida and in need of a new everyday, no fuss bag. Furla's tiny crossbody was it. Room for cards, cash, purse, perfume, hand cream, keys, tissue, and your eyeshadow palette.

But I do love their other bags that they have streamlined to the top of the most wanted bags, that they do have on their website. Its the form of aesthetic, innovation, availability of different textures and colors that makes me want to get another!

These are my other favorites so far (As for Furla, like Coach they really rose back into prominence once again) and take a notice, how I picked three distinct bag shapes because there is really no excuse why not FURLA?

This maybe the NYC girl in me that might say its a betrayal if I dont get it in black but why not a good shade of pink, like a hot salmon that its a cute hue.
I love the texture of this one and the crossbody aspect has me sold.

One of the most ubiquitous designs right now but I just love the leather textures, the nice tie in the front and cute larger shape, and its not necessarily rigid like other ones.

~Kaye Beeh

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