Radar: The New Balenciaga via Accessories

So, now that fashion musical chairs is coming to a head, we now have the first look at the accessories department of Balenciaga now under Vetements Demna Gvesalia, who it seems as finally started the designs for the new look of Balenciaga....

And I gotta say..... I am:

Here is one of the bags: aptly named "Bazar Shopper" in Black and Blue Stripes.
Bazar indeed, this looks like something you would take to a flea market and stuff other goodies you got in it, which is how the idea has been held until now.

The one thing I'll give it, is the use of palladium hardware and its lambskin, so that should make it soft.

I mean I am rooting for Demna because as a relatively new designer, doing shock factor, sarcasm and flash via luxury goods and ready to wear is interesting to see but it can get tacky and boring over time. I loved Nicolas' Balenciaga and overhaul of Louis Vuitton right now.

But I hope Balenciaga does not go through the ringer to find its identity again. We need heritage, profitability, and design innovation. I understand its hard as one has to be compromised sometimes in the business of fashion but I am sure there can be a delicate balance. I just hope Balenciaga does not become as messy as Dior has been and what Lanvin is going through now.

So far, its blah but it could get better. Could be the next Gucci under Michele or Louis Vuitton under Ghesquiere. (We still have yet to see Simons' Calvin Klein, which I have mixed emotions on but it could be a definitive collection under a new CD that it needs)

Once again fashion proves correct in using innovation based off old designs as a sort of inspiration while some just outright copy. This seems reminiscent of Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton bag lady chic shoppers, remember those monstrosities?

~Kaye Beeh

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