Loafer Gang: Chanel!

As we all know, the loafer is a classic style that has been a staple in mens fashion and also in women's fashion, like the menswear inspired and streamline styles since Yves Saint Laurent.

The resurgence of the #LoaferGang has new life breathed into it since Gucci helped to steamroll the trend starting back in late 2014, therefore making the classic loafer into different textures and styles. With this renewed interest, other designers felt inspired and rolled out their own forms of loafers.

I dont believe the loafer is an instantaneous trend that is not worth it, it has been and always will be a gorgeous and iconic part of footwear that can easily be as casual as you want or as dressy and sophisticated as can be.

I myself own about 5 loafers and they are simply amazing for work or if I have events to attend they bring the right amount of prim to the proper.

Case and point, these Chanel loafers are my absolute favorite. The style and leather being so soft and dainty has withstood the test of time.

But yes there are many different types of loafers one could invest in. There are these classic chanels with clean lines and smooth leather. 

Then the horsebit logo ones by Gucci that are timeless, the new princetown ones with the fur (avoid the absolute fur ones because those are a nice piece to see on the runway but in real life, its neither practical nor cute).

These can be worn in any cute style, I mean case and point. I love a good airport style. A good wool trench coat, a basic pair of skinny jeans and a neutral colored t-shirt with those Gucci fur princetown loafer/mules and they are a hit!

Yes, you may say the fur bit is a bit trendy but I dont see it going away anytime soon. The loafer in general is here to stay and has been an outfit staple for years.

~Kaye Beeh

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