Just In: J. Crew Rhodes Blazer

Having a wonderful shopping experience at the J. Crew Soho store on Prince Street, I went in looking for exactly what I need, with little to no detours. Of course, I did my research online and went in to try the different types but I realized the sizing is limited at that store, which usually does not happen to me at the other J. Crew I love uptown at Columbus Circle and the Outlets.

I needed a blazer to add to my repetoire for my upcoming law school entrance and the professional events and meetings that will happen. I figured between the Regent (good collar and lapel work) and Rhodes blazer, I would have something that isnt 100% suiting so I dont seem like a stiff suit but something fashionable, business casual, and I could still wear it casual on my off days.

In that respect, the Rhodes Blazer won.

I loved the buttons, the material, the tailored look, availability of pockets. Not to mention the exceptional service I received in making my design. And then the follow through with having a garment bag and hanger for it. Now thats ponyboy GOLD.

~Kaye Beeh

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