The Faux Detox: One of the Best Relaxing, Day After Tip List You Will Read

We all know that the day after, a lot of fun the night before, it can be hard to look well rested, feel refreshed and brand new. But I believe it is possible to achieve that morning after detox that we all seek, whether or not you have been drinking or need that rested look.

Usually the celebs are able to go to spas whenever they choose, have a personal trainer, aestheticist etc all on hand due to a disposable income but I have my own beauty and wellness hack for the day after.

My list of favorites are these:

1) Right upon waking up, when you wash your face, my favorite korean beauty/ AB beauty add on is the sheet mask. Applying this after your treatments, will help to seal in moisture and has nutrients that the face needs to stay supple and less bloated. The Before/After series by Holika Holika is one of the best.

2) For the facial wash to go with the masks, is the Bliss Triple Oxygenating Energizing Facial Mask Wash. If you can't bring yourself to the spa oxygen mask treatment facial, you can bring it your own DIY at home spa with the wash. Just two pumps and you are good to go.

3) For the obligatory juicers, a nice inner nutrient would be a lovely juice filled with cayenne, ginger, apple, and lemon. All are detoxifying for the body and helps with circulation, making one's skin refreshed and energy levels increased. Not to mention, your immunity system will get a nice boost too. You can either get the juice or buy a nutribullet for $99 and blend them yourself!

4) Next, a suggest a good workout, anything from Barre to High Intensity Interval Training, to some power yoga. And with that a nice massage but wait, no need to visit a masseuse and pay an exorbitant amount of dollars, buy a foam roller (high density with ridges) for $20-30. And roll out your muscles everywhere. I guarantee you feel brand new and relaxed.

5) Lastly but not least, If you dont like blending or etc, you can buy the super powerful Vibrant Health Green Vibrance. Has Probiotics, enzymes, energy support, skeletal support, mood support, and every green and herbs imaginable to support bodily functions. Because nothing says beauty is only skin deep if you cant support your internal organs and bodily functions.

After all of that and a good nights sleep, you will be like this:
(Which is also me, when I dont have to go to work!)

My friends over at Casper, can also help with relaxing and getting good sleep. They make pretty awesome mattresses, sheets, and pillows (Highly stand behind the pillows as they are cool side bae approved). That inspired me with seeing what I can come up with in terms of feeling rested the day after! They even after their own hangover cheat sheet.

Hope you guys enjoy!

~Kaye Beeh

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