#NYFW Day 2 - Mathieu Mirano: Hypnotizing Sleek

Mathieu Mirano brought us on a journey where the desert meets glamour. All of these ethereal models are made so by the sandy floor, their glamourous attire, clean faces, and slick back beauty look.

The looks are very expertly cut that one by resemble another but there are variances in terms of silhouette, and shape. I love how there is a theme of a blank canvas, simplicity in the background but then the clothing speaks for itself. The sea of metallic textures, shiny and matted looks shine through.

 I love the take on each of the dresses. The rainbow metallic, sheer long skirt situation, its screams boldness right down to the confines of the elongated neck line.

These creatures brought upon us from whatever glamourous colony they came from, clothes albeit a tad bit raw shred are very chic and fitting! I mean look at the hem on some of them.

These are some of my favorites, that showcases what I love as a whole:
 Photos by Kevin Sturman

I mean the ombre color palette, the textures, the overlay and flounced shapes, are the dresses that one dreams about. The little black dress is outdated. Crushed velvet, Matted, Metallic is what is the stunner.

~Kaye Beeh

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