#NYFW Day 1 Highlights: Favorites and Details

So New York Fashion Week is upon us again, for those of you freezing for the street style, good luck, those getting your starbucks run on, good luck.

With the 2nd season at this new venue, it looks like everything is working out so far, especially for subway riders, taxi, lyft, and uber fans.

Loving some of what I am seeing so far. The trend is definitely a retrospect (vintage look to the past, no surprise) but with some new silhouettes, styling ideas, and the makeup, some of the looks are feeling brand new and inspiring.

From Creatures of the Wind being so glamorous and almost theatric not only in set but in dressing as well, it is remnant of another age, a classic ladylike look with a bit of a 1970s burnt color palette.

At BCBG - Some of the textural plays were nice but didnt like some of the choices. The teddy bear sandals were nice and cute. I loved the styling though it was cozy but a bit safe, like a little bit of a replay of the last two seasons. Then again BCBG is known for the color blocking. Did like the nomadic edgy silhouettes with the touch of cut lines in different areas. It was an overall feel of '70s, '90s, and early '00s all in one mix and match. Some of my favorites were these:

Desigual (Which I will have another post on) - As always is solid in their prints and designs but this time the styling was on, and it felt like a modern collage with an homage to the past and variance of cultures of what made the brand what it is, the integrity and identity.

P.S. - Kudos to Kanye for organizing such a huge event at MSG and getting the public immersed in terms of model casting for all color spectrums, extras, tickets, and celebrating everything. Cant knock it at all. I admire. Plus some of the stuff are good for the cold weather now, like the coats mostly.

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  1. Kaye, I am liking the length of the skirts and how feminine they are... there are some cute styles here. I hope you are doing well and that you have an awesome week ahead xox


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