Flannel Dreams & Healthy Things

I always love Gap but Old Navy recently has had some cute things, like this flannel shirt, which is the focal point of this post!

I mean I got it during the sales for only $11. Good quality, nice shape retention, color retention, and its so cute to pair with anything. Ive done light wash, destroyed, black denim and they are all cute with it!

And of course, paired with my ultra warm overcoat and Tory Burch Robinson Double Zip Tote, nothing can go wrong.

And my health game is still strong. Ive taken up Flywheel spinning, I go once a week! Torque is bae.

Loving different protein and supplement options. I mean chocolate and probiotics, WIN. The Aloha bar with actual peanuts in it with protein and chocolate, WIN.

Finally got myself a Fitbit, thanks mother! The Charge HR, I love all of the functions and ease in using it. I mean it has its limitations in terms of lower calorie burns for different high intensity activities but still good.

The Wellness Family shot as seen on my IG. Taken 4 months ago, now it has grown exponentially!

Loving Hamelin more and more. If you haven't tried Hamelin D'Abell Method, you do not know what you are missing. The Deep Muscle Work and toning is like no other. Cardiotone video are fun!

The other addition to the wellness family! Love Green Vibrance, this with orange juice or mixed into a juice or smoothie its great! And the liquid spray vitamin C. Great absorbability!

~Kaye Beeh


  1. heading to old navy tmw! it's a hidden gem :)

  2. Great look!

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