Radar: Who What Wear x Target Collaboration

This pretty much flew under the radar for me but I just realized that Who What Wear, our favorite "Where can I get that look or what goes well together" duo Katherine Power and Hillary Kerr. It seems like it was yesterday back in 2006/2007 when they launched it, it was celebrity street style and how one can emulate that!

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Now they are more so doing than suggesting, a 65+ capsule collection with a plethora of sizing from Size 2 to Size 26, very good business model to have something available for every girl/woman, and they take inspiration from this to provide the most searched popular trendy styles out there that girls are inspired by and producing it with Target. Now thats awesome.

Lets say if one sees a Moto Jacket all over the place and doesnt know how to wear it with something or cant find the type they like. It seems this collection would have things such as that available and different combos that synergistically work together based on data they have recognized on their own company/site.

The evolution of the collaboration series are really utilizing social media not only for promotion but for popular data and trendy searched items! Good one girls!

Here are some images from Target.com, and some of my favorites, whole outfit and individual pieces as well:

I cant wait for it, Im curious about fits, quality, and the availability of many things.
It hits stores and online, February 1st! The online sites are of course Target.com and WhoWhatWear.com

~Kaye Beeh

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  1. Kaye, I think it's a good idea to have a place where you can see what goes together... we lost our Targets in Canada. .. the majority of them closed down here last year. I hope you have a great weekend ♡


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