#Fitness Craze: #BandierFit Love

So the fitness-athleisure trend has definitely risen and so far in 2016, there is a huge boom in looking good for your workouts. Basically, leggings are pants again folks and your Nike Free Runs can be worn out of the gym and boutique classes.

One of the most visible and now becoming prolific boutiques out there is Bandier. By combining fitness, music, and fashion, Jennifer Bandier has created a new age model on fitness and fashion that is becoming the sought after business model there is. Starting from such a smaller platform out in the Hamptons. She started the idea after wanting something cute to wear after having an injury! Imagine that!
Image: SweatLifeNYC
I mean Bandier has become one of my favorite places, not only has the stores expanded so much in the city but also out in Manhasset at Americana Manhasset, where there is a perfect fitness boom and the change in ladies who lunch who are also becoming ladies who soul-cycle and go to gym more often now.

I mean besides enjoying my favorite brands such as: Lululemon, Splits 59, Sweaty Betty, Athleta brands, Nike, Adidas, Reebok, GapFit, Old Navy Active, Avia, and Danskin Now, there is now an inclusion for even higher end durable athleisure fashion brands such as: Spiritual Gangster (my personal favorite), Michi, Outdoor Voices, UltraCor (Another fav), Hpe, Adidas by Stella McCartney (which is becoming a cult favorite by many fit celebs now), and Koral.

Between Bandier and Net-A-Sporter (Net-A-Porter's foray into fashion and fitness), there is no reason to look tow up while working out. :)

Kudos to the fitness industry booming right now, the resurgence of not only boutique gyms, boutique fitness classes, hybrid workouts, celeb trainer loving, simple gyms, multi-use gyms, and spa/gym combos, but also athleisure at every spectrum from low price to high end, and something for everybody!

Here are some of my favorites, do not worry there is a whole selection, but these I love how fun and versatile they can be:

All images from Bandier.com/ created the collage myself

Tops (in order):
1. Spiritual Gangster "Only Love" Coachella Tank Top, $48.
2. Ultracor Gravity Super Wick Jacket, here.
3. Prismsport New Bra, here.
4. Michi Sirena L/S Top, here.
5. Nesh Blanket Coat, here.

Bottoms (in order):
1. HPE Snake X Leggings, here.
2. Koral Endurance Capri, here.
3. Ultracor Ultra Silk ZigZag Print Leggings, here. (FAVORITE! ULTRA CUTE)
4. Prismsport Printed Capri, here.
5. Michi Shadow Leggings, here.

~Kaye Beeh


  1. I like that leggings are accepted clothing they are comfy and perfect for working out. I like that I can just pick up and go. Have a great weekend Kaye xox ♡

  2. Oh, thanks for this tip! I love fitness fashion and especially leggings with patterns :) I must immediately check out this shop!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  3. OH wow i love this! leggings are my go to! haha
    XO Ellen from Ask Away



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