Christmas: The New LUSH Family Portrait

So a big thanks to Lush Cosmetics for making my Christmas even more joyful than usual, as I used my gift certificate and went semi-wild. Lush is so amazing because not only are the products fair trade ingredients, vegan, and all natural but there are no harsh chemicals like some drugstore brands and is always a nice great smell! You can smell Lush from a mile away!

The babies! I did not like the store location I went to as the employees were into themselves rather than helping me out, but shout out to my favorite locations: SOHO and E86th St! The UES and Soho crew are amazing! I should have went to you guys but wanted to get these quickly and this store was nearby work! (And of course, the Atlantic City crew at the Pier, whenever I am on vacation you guys show me everything!)

I bought the Sakura bath bombs, one for me and one for a friend! The bath bombs are incredible, you just get your lukewarm water, stop up the tub, and drop one in. Magic happens when it dissolves, like a cracker jack bag, there is a prize inside (petals of fun).

Then got myself this RUB RUB RUB Solid bar, Great body scrub, smells great, the texture is not harsh, and the sea salt is a true buffer! Baby's bottom smooth anybody?

Then me being a scrubber, had to get this Sugar Scrub. Comprised of Fennel and Ginger. Who can go wrong with those herbs!

Then of course, not wanting a lotion but a nice massage bar to add to the mix, got this Pearl one! I love the feel of it. The smell doesnt overpower me like the Soft Coeur, that I had many years ago LOL, with the chocolate inside it. Plus it has that bubble tea look and pearl fragrance.

Then I couldnt resist this set, I was going to buy Rockstar since its my ultimate fav but then I saw godmother with it, and the associate that helped me, said godmother isnt offered alone, I figured I cant separate the twins, lets buy it and keep them together.

One thing I always love going into Lush is getting a sample of something that piques your interest! I went for the BB Seaweed initially but ended up getting a try of the Cup of Coffee and Mask of Magnaminty!

I tried the Mask of Magnaminty, it goes on pretty well, you can feel your pores being vacuumed out and a natural detox for the face. Dries on nicely, not harsh, and I followed it with my cleansing milk by Missha and Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream. Not bad at all.

Now tomorrow morning if I can remember or the day after on Christmas Eve, I will give Cup O' Coffee a try, and I gotta say by the smell, I feel caffeinated already.

~Kaye Beeh


  1. Kaye, Lush is such a great product...we have a store nearby and the employee's are extremely nice there.. I love great scented items and it's nice that it's chemical free xox

    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas ♡

  2. Oh, I have to admit that I never tried any product from Lush - but I see they have amazing products and I like it that they are natural and even vegan!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena
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