My Spiffy New Hat + Boots

Jacket: Black Windbreaker
Tee: Old Navy Sailors Club
Necklace: Sailor Pig by Betsey Johnson
Hat: Vintage
Headphone: (Wishing for Beats by Dre) SONY

So, I decided to wear my new spiffy hat that I bought from a vintage store here in Brooklyn. If you would like to visit it, its on Mcdonald Ave near Ave R/S? Thats Gravesend, Brooklyn.

Haha, im being goofy with a full bottle of water. Favorite photo Above.

The Dr. Martens box in the background! Haha, I have wanted a sultry-cool esque photo like this.

In office with my hat!

In the taxi with my hat!

At the train station with my hat!

The hat has the best right side tassel, its unbelievable. ;)

My new pair of Dr. Martens that came in the mail 2 days ago! I love this style and the half skull.
Matter of fact these are my first pair of Dr. Martens.

I see how much I love the Floral series, the limited Edition Jean Paul Gaultiers, and the limited Edition Hello Kitty Dr. Martens. I hope to have enough luck to find them in my size and a good price.

View from Train.

Well, Ill take more pics with my hat and my new boots! Just a warm up for you guys.

Much love and Blessings!


~Kaye Beeh

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