My Last Two days + Back from Hiatus

Yeah so, I have been busy with school, meetings, my Irish heritage nature calling, getting around the Japan news and such. Im glad to let people know that if you shopped through Forever 21 today and bought anything, whatever amount you spent went to helping Japan. Congratulations and thanks for the helping. I donate $5 dollars myself through red cross and I plan on doing so in more weeks. So, Japan Gambatte Ne~

On the other side, I am back and doing more. More exciting things I hope. I got new outfits and ideas and some recycled. Im tapping my polyvore imagination and am in the mood to create more sets, just gotta find my time.

These sets of photos I took from the past two days.

My new dress/tunic by StyleStalker. Its rad. The material is like silk and no hot cotton. The front black & back striped and it drapes.

Remember that cheeky United Kingdom on the butt tee? I wore it :) With my burn out plaid overtop from Nordstrom.

Mind the zebra pillow behind, I could get cheeky.

"Bitch please" -- Yes you. LOL

Happy Belated Paddy's Day! My father is Irish and so am I. Well im mixed among other things, so yeah. Watch these little girls do the step dance in the traditional costumes, had chips at Trinity, some people decided to get drunk, its always a good paddy's day. Dad brings the Miller Lite to himself. Some people are like, isnt it stereotyping that Irish are drunk people. I can honestly say "Yes and No".

Im wearing my Irish Saint Patricks Day Edition Mets David Wright Tee. I have had this for a while now.

Walking at night. BOOM BOOM

LOL and to end it off, a pic I took of something I did in computer tech class. Hehe, college kid still with jokes. I made my own personal message in the Validation Text in Microsoft Access 2007.

Bon Appetit!
~Kaye Beeeeeeeh.


  1. I love your post and it looks like you had a great hiatus too. I didn't know about the Forever21 shopping deal either, thanks for sharing that information. I love that you are also taking computer classes and your pop up made me laugh, having fun with Microsoft Access.. LOL.

  2. oooh i wish could make something of that sort of messages..haha it would be funny.

  3. loving your blog!
    keep the inspiration flowing, and i'll keep coming back!



Xoxo, Thanks for reading.