Random Shots and loves :-)

My Blue Highlighter from Muji and TUL pink decorum pen.

So this is a compilation of all things I love, while i seek inspiration I decided that I should post this today :D Maybe anyone else likes or loves what I love and took a shot of?

I love this from Bath and Body. You can feel the methoool. I hardly wear it or any other gloss, but this one is the only one Ill wear sometimes.

My only Nars product: The brown cosmic color single eyeshadow. My favorite makeup item: Eyeshadow. I dont wear any other make up except for the eyes! :D

Time to get fitter.

Herbal Tea. Almost done, its thats good. Honey and lemon.

My new knicks gear. Bought them yesterday. Yes, I know they are in a funk but they bounce. :) Its called rebounding. no pun intended.

Fav movie: How to Lose a Guy in 10 days. Kate Hudson is brilliant!

Mia's castle from Princess Diaries

Fat louie! :D

Oh, Anne Hathaway, beautiful and has come a long way in roles today.

Her foot poppin kiss!

A good book for class now, im reading.

In my bag. Messy.

Balenciaga Moto.

On a ride, drinking Silk. I love that silk soymilk.

Beautiful no?
Early morning moon.

Jagua paint tattoo I did myself. :D

Kelso! thats 70s show :D

Cute cat in a magazine!

~Kaye Beeh


  1. great photos! thanks for the comment!



Xoxo, Thanks for reading.