Out and At'em! Day 1 & 2

So I took a journey out on such a beautiful Friday and Saturday. Day one, I decided to go visit my Aunt and then go to chinatown/soho/nolita area for some fun on day 2~

I dont have those Beats by Dre yet, but I am working on it!~~~~~~~

I love the buttons on my sweater :) Its Christopher & Banks.

My favorite thing in the newspaper, STAT & MELO.

The view in Brooklyn. :)

My 2nd cousin ;)

From my health food store adventure. The mighty mango is gone, the picabi apple juice is done. :)

My favorite photo. The sky so beautiful on a great day.

My Favorite Hat. Goes well with my sweater.

My new Dr. Martens boots.

View on the train.

In chinatown for day 2.

In soho for day 2.

My favorite soap and good things at Sabon. I love their display this time. Reminds me of a holiday time.

Passing the Prada store on Broadway and Prince..... This lonely and perfetto bag sitting on the window sill.

Blurry at the Mercer Kitchen.

Looks like a smoke break right? I dont smoke and dont plan to! <3

My Docs again.

The beautiful waterfall on the wall at Pearl River Market. A great store. I get my drinks, my bamboo plants, slippers, teas, and decorations for my room there!

The scene at Daffys. Deha goodies.

Clearance Sale on Scarves and wraps. Stock up.

Club scene underground? You tell me.

Laurence Tavernier top. WOW.

Then we stopped at Michael Kors where Spring collection was awesome! :)
I loved seeing these flat espadrilles, I wish I took a photo of them. Only 69 bucks but they are gorgeous. Im going back for them!

We then got food at the nearest Cafe. Jubilee.

Snapple and a pizza. Nothing like New York.

And my mother, yes, she decided to venture out for day 2. Got a mixed collage of things. I tried some, YUUUMM.

Drunk? No. Just too happy? Maybe. But I was not ready for the camera LOL

During Night time, the hat comes on.

Crazy Kat comes out.

Arriving at the train station going to the basketball and sports meet up.

Getting my dance on. Or pose.

LOL, watching boxing one minute.

Then Lakers and Mavericks.

My shoes make another appearance.

Random Shot.

My favorite Betsey Johnson Sailor Pig necklace. Bought it few weeks ago. At the Soho store.

My new books I bought. I dont know why but I just love stationary. I could buy pens, letters, stickers, and stuff but still want more different types.

The best game Ive seen in a while. The Big East Championhip at the Garden, wished I was there. Uconn v Louisville. I can imagine you guys can guess who won?


Then the shirts I bought.
I like this one, a lot. UK on his bum!

Floral 1.

Floral 2.

I am a woman obsessed with florals and blacks at the same time. Hot damn!

~Kaye Beeh.

(P.S.- I have Very Hollywood by Michael Kors, FINALLY!!!)

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  1. I love your buttons too :) Great series of photos, I felt like I was seeing your whole day. Thanks for sharing!



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