The Whole Situation..not just from sources

It has been reported that Rihanna and Chris Brown hasn't appeared in the 51st Grammy Awards, the NAACP event, the upcoming All-Star Basketball Game, or concerts or appearances in foreign countries. So far Chris Brown has been very remorseful and worried. While Rihanna seems very confused or conflicted. So let me put this out there for everyone. The best thing for them both is to pray and move on with their lives. They should be happy to be living another day. Even though I posted this, I really shouldnt have as it contrasts with my view on leaving them alone. The media has heightened this story too much over more important issues such as Child Abuse on the rise in Jamaica, Myanmar fugitives being left out in sea to die by Thai government (supposedly secretly), our Budget Plan in America to try to boost our economy, and education cuts and programs such as Music clubs to influence us to stay off the streets and sit to play an instrument or read a book!
Come on people, lets just pay attention to the more important issues, instead of Gossip.

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