Elizabeth and James S/S 2009 Collection / Alexander Wang F/W 2009

We all can clearly see the fashions inspired by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, whom are risk-takers and clearly sometimes dress so lovely abstract and ahead of all of us! This line of Elizabeth and James, name is inspired by Family, it is supposed to be sportswear, which some of it is but it is sooo fierce, lovely, and chic at the same time! In a way, the Alexander Wang F/W 2009 collections are some what similar, well except for the lovely biker shorts used as a canvas starting tool in some of the pieces which were just rockin'! I like the way both uses neutrals such as whites and blacks to be worn so naturally everyday (maybe?) without being labeled dark names! You dont necessarily have to have black and whites but the colors, the fabrics, and the intricate design elements are to die for!

The only difference is Elizabeth and James is a little bit more feminine with a few masculine touches. While Alexander Wang is about a fierce girl, who doesnt care what anyone thinks because she knows she is strong and looks good. She is still a girl too. :D No obstacle will stand in her path.

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