Day 1 - Acknowledgement

Its about time i decided to integrate my other blog into this one it was about philosophical and spiritual views. So if you get offended, then dont read. Kay? Thanks! :D

Day 1- Acknowledgement

Daily we all follow our own prodecures and do our own things, but, what if you leave your comfort zone. You take a step into unknown territory. Are you afraid?
Are you scarce of yourself? Do you tend to go back? Well you must know. Its your life. Nobody could decide it for you. All of the power hungry business men and dictators decide, but they are idiots. When your in an unknown territory always remeber that youre not only doing this for you but the people you love. You experimenting with chemicals and you need guidance, they will help you along the path. They will guide your decisions but will not "put" you on the ideal right path. You must decide some aspects of your life even when your young. You see when your younger and you love those toys. You decide which one you play with. That one you play with enhances your mind and really tells about what kind of person you are today. When you go down that path of remembrance, remember loved ones, mentors (teachers), and such. They will be with you till the day you die. Friends come and go, but family sticks together through that path. The only friends that stick with you till the end are the only trustworthy ones.

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